12 days of tips-mas wreath 11

12 Days of Tips-mas, Day 11

We’re celebrating Tips-mas this year to give you the greatest gift we can this holiday season–more time. Click here to enjoy our 12 Days of Tips-mas from the beginning, and feel free to sing along as we share our tips each day.

Day 11

On the eleventh day of Tips-mas, my IT gave to me…

recipes for applets.

Although IFTTT may look like a misspelled sneeze, it’s actually a simple yet powerful tool for automating a wide variety of functions. It stands for If This, Then That and lets you set up recipes to command different programs. For example, Instagrammers who only want certain images to cross-post to Facebook can set up a recipe to do this using a hashtag. People who have a smart home system can make a recipe to turn on the lights or air conditioning 15 minutes before getting home every day. IFTTT offers a large number of commonly used recipes, and you can make your own. This article explains how to set them up and shows examples that are saving people time and aggravation every day.

Our Favorite Tip-Bit

Not to beat a dead horse, but we’re going with the Slack integration tip once again. For those people who always need to be chased down for meetings, IFTTT can post a 15 minute reminder before meetings in Slack automatically. No more excuses!


Not interested in recipes that don’t involve food? Come back tomorrow for something entirely different.

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