12 days of tips-mas wreath 2

12 Days of Tips-mas, Day 2

We’re celebrating Tips-mas this year to give you the greatest gift we can this holiday season–more time. Click here to enjoy our 12 Days of Tips-mas from the beginning, and feel free to sing along as we share our tips each day.

Day 2

On the second day of Tips-mas, my IT gave to me…

…a new iOS.

Almost everyone has an iPhone now, right? Or will be getting one this Christmas? Well, the real present here is that you don’t need a new model to get new features. Update your software to iOS 11 and take advantage of the features in this article including storage saving, drawing on screenshots and in messages, and more.

Our Favorite Tip-Bit

We definitely like setting the Background App Refresh to only work when connected to wifi (tip number 23), but number 18 edged that one out as favorite. We’re all about time and efficiency, so being able to dock more of our most commonly used iPad apps at the bottom means being able to pop in and out of whatever we need more quickly and easily.


Been a proud Blackberry user since 1999? Come back tomorrow for something entirely different.

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