12 Days of Tips-mas wreath 4

12 Days of Tips-mas, Day 4

We’re celebrating Tips-mas this year to give you the greatest gift we can this holiday season–more time. Click here to enjoy our 12 Days of Tips-mas from the beginning, and feel free to sing along as we share our tips each day.

Day 4

On the fourth day of Tips-mas, my IT gave to me…

one empty Inbox.

There are probably as many tips for using Outlook as there are unread messages these days. We specifically picked this one for you though. It incorporates the GTD methodology to help you organize your Inbox and focus on what is most important. But don’t worry if you’re not the GTD type. It also includes a super easy way to turn emails into tasks, which gets the message out of your Inbox and ties a reminder to it. Each tip uses screenshots and a step-by-step explanation. Spend a little time on setup now and save a lot of time later.

Our Favorite Tip-Bit

This one is easy: we cannot say enough about Quick Steps (tip number 6). For example, if you send a lot of messages to the same group of people, you can set up a Quick Step to start that email with the press of a button. That email can have a subject line already filled in, and you can include an action to happen after the message, such as moving it to a specified folder. All with one Quick Step. You can even make a Quick Step that opens a new meeting invitation without having to switch to the Calendar.


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