12 days of tips-mas wreath 8

12 Days of Tips-mas, Day 8

We’re celebrating Tips-mas this year to give you the greatest gift we can this holiday season–more time. Click here to enjoy our 12 Days of Tips-mas from the beginning, and feel free to sing along as we share our tips each day.

Day 8

On the eighth day of Tips-mas, my IT gave to me…

online protection.

Phishing scams, those unsolicited messages from cyber criminals, are everywhere now. Many of them are still obvious (your badly translated Arabian prince who would love nothing more than to send you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you would just give him some personal information), but others can be very hard to recognize (Netflix gives us chills). These tips offer some good advice on what to look out for as well as steps for prevention.

Our Favorite Tip-Bit

We especially like tip number 5. In this day and age of setting up automated payments and linked accounts, it can be very easy to “set it and forget it.” This tip reminds us to log into all of our accounts on a regular basis and keep those passwords fresh (and unique).


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