unwanted spam emails in inbox without email security solution

How to Stop the Spam and Protect My Emails

Phishing attacks are still growing in 2021

From phishing attempts to sophisticated malware attacks, email servers are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. This has never been more pronounced than in the current climate, due to the significant increase in remote working as a result of the pandemic.

If your business is hit with a phishing email or falls victim to a ransomware attack, how quickly can you recover? Can you identify the source of the attack? Do you have sufficient solutions in place to prevent future attacks?

Unsolicited and malicious emails account for more than half of global email traffic right now, and companies must be prepared for a cyber-attack at a moment’s notice. Falling prey to a phishing or ransomware attack can potentially lead to data loss, reputational damage, debilitating costs, and legal ramifications.

Protect your business with email security

One easy yet powerful way to protect yourself is to keep unwanted emails out of your business in the first place. We use an email protection solution that blocks emails with malicious links or attachments from entering your network, protecting your users and preventing your servers from being compromised.

This tool also includes a spam filtering service – with a 99.99% catch rate – that blocks junk email. This not only lessens our email aggravation, it leads to enhanced staff productivity as well. These messages get quarantined so we can check them if we need to, but they don’t fill our inboxes and they limit our exposure to threats.

There is also the ability to scan outbound emails to ensure malware is not being sent from your company. Corporate email accounts can be compromised by cybercriminals who use an organization’s domain to send malware and ransomware to their clients and customers. This tool scans outgoing email for spam and malware in order to protect your sending reputation and prevent your IP being potentially blacklisted.

Alleviate the threat of phishing and malware

Cybercriminals always seem to be one step ahead, evolving their phishing attacks to be more and more sophisticated, so it is critical that you have the most up-to-date email protection in place.

Our solution is easy to implement and manage, yet advanced and feature heavy. It is a ‘set and forget’ solution that will start delivering instant results once deployed. It scans all inbound emails in real-time, applying granular content filtering to block malicious email entering your organization.

It is an extremely customizable solution, and includes 6 specialist Real Time Blacklists, that ensures all listed domain names/URLs are quarantined or rejected.

Protect your users and network today – contact us to learn more.