unified communications

Work Anywhere with Unified Communications

There’s no doubt that everything is going digital in today’s world of abundant technology. The world wide web, laptops, smartphones, and all of the apps that go with them make it easier than ever to communicate from anywhere in the world.

Terms like “telecommuting” and “remote jobs” are becoming used more often. Increasingly, companies have employees that they communicate with through the Internet.

This saves businesses some overhead costs. Companies don’t have to pay for office space for employees that work from home. Some of the money saved, however, ought to be spent on a unified communications system. With a system like this in place, there won’t be any problems communicating with employees at any time.

Remote working might be the favored style of working for many millennials, avid travelers or those who simply don’t enjoy office environments. If there is no reliable channel for communication when an employee needs assistance, however, this could cause a lot of frustration on both sides.

Infinity Inc has partnered with two leading telephone providers to provide the right VoIP (voice over internet protocol) solution for our clients’ diverse needs. As telecommuting and remote working become more mainstream, VoIP is set to be the future of unified communications.

Why Should You Make the Switch Over to Unified Communications?

Offers Advanced Features

Depending on which UC service you decide to use, many features can be used to your benefit. These include call screening, voicemail to email transcriptions, “barge and whisper” abilities, conference calling, and auto attendants with automated menu options.

Supports Remote Work

Working remotely would be very challenging without UC. Having access to a reliable phone service no matter where you are in the world makes it possible to maintain full contact with your coworkers and supervisors. Not having reliable communication can cause delays, miscommunication and disruption to the flow of business operations.

Encourages Collaboration

Because VoIP works through the internet rather than a traditional phone line, you can communicate with your coworkers from anywhere, at any time. VoIP and unified communications makes it possible for you to work on projects and tasks with someone on the other side of the world. Teams can be composed of people who all live in different countries. It’s reliable, fast and easy.

Allows for Better Customer Service

Whether you’re at the office or sitting on a beach in Tahiti, as long as you have internet access, your customers can reach you. Since some VoIP services give you the option to set up automated answering and even voicemail to email transcriptions, you will never miss out on valuable information that may need to be looked at quickly. You will be able to respond quickly when you need to.

The monitoring functionality of VoIP is also ideal for training and coaching employees to learn how to assist customers better.

Make the most of motivated and happy staff, and benefit from an almost unlimited pool of potential employees worldwide. Contact the team at Infinity Inc. if you’re ready to use unified communications to keep your business flexible and dynamic.