12 Days of Tips-mas wreath with lightbulbs

12 Days of Tips-mas

Welcome to the 12 Days of Tips-mas!

We saw how much you enjoyed the tips and information we shared about O365, so we’re giving you more of what you want. While everyone else is coming out with their lists of the best tech gifts and trending toys, we’re going to give you the greatest gift we can–more time.

But before we get into that, we have to admit something. We know the 12 Days of Christmas aren’t supposed to start until December 25th. It’s not like we can wrap these and put them under the tree for you though. And really, we just don’t want you to have to wait that long. We want you to have these tips as soon as possible so you can start using them right away and maybe even relax through the holidays.

Fun Facts about the 12 Days of Christmas

Did You Know?

Each of the twelve days traditionally celebrated a saint or feast day.

However, the claim that the song contains hidden references to the Christian faith has not been proven and only dates back to the 1990s even though the song itself can be traced as far back as 1780.

No matter what you choose to believe or celebrate, feel free to sing along as we share our tips each day.

Day 1

On the first day of Tips-mas, my IT gave to me…

a way to find more Google goodies.

With access to more information than we can wrap our heads around, Google can be told exactly what you do (or do not) want it to show you. So instead of wasting time searching with general terms and then clicking through pages and pages of results (or getting frustrated and giving up), learn how to search for an exact phrase or for something in a specific place. You can even look up phrases using a symbol for missing parts to find that song with the lyrics you can only partially remember!

Our Favorite Bit

(Bit…get it? As in, a unit of information used in computing? Yeah, we crack ourselves up.)

Tip number 13 on their list could be especially helpful this time of year. Rather than visiting ten different store sites and filtering by their preset cost amounts, you can search for an item in your own specific price range right in Google. Talk about your one-stop shopping!


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