happy guy in office showing easier IT support

Back to Basics: 4 Tips for Easier IT Support 

TAC Analyst

Jim McDermott

There are few things as frustrating as when computers, phones, and other technology don’t work the way we think they should. It’s happened to all of us: trouble logging in, emails refusing to sync, an uncooperative mouse and keyboard, etc.

That’s why you have an IT Support team. And if you’re a LifeCycle MSP client of Infinity, Inc., you have 24/7 support from our Technical Assistance Center (TAC). But have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the other end of that call?

Since it’s back-to-school time, we’re going back to basics. Here are 4 tips designed to make every Support request a smooth experience on both ends of the line.

1. It Will Be Okay

More times than not, our clients contact Infinity with a specific purpose in mind. Their calls are quick, concise, and to the point. Other times, users will call us in panic or frustration, not really understanding what they want or need done.

From a Support perspective, our job is to decipher the needs of the caller and to deliver quick, friendly, efficient service. That result can be hampered by a caller who is unsure of what they want. So the next time you hear yourself shouting, “my computer’s broken” or “nothing works,” remember this tip and laugh. It’s rarely ever that bad. (If, however, flames truly are coming out of your computer, please call 911 first!)

The more specific you can be in describing the issue, the sooner we can get to work fixing it. Calling Infinity should not be a stressful process. We’re on your side, and we are always here to help.

2. Good Things Take Time

Sometimes when calling Infinity an issue can be easily resolved in a matter of minutes. In the time between ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye,’ you’re back on track and have nothing more to do than wait for the smiley-faced feedback form.

There are other times, however, when what looks like a simple email delivery issue turns into a lengthy investigation before resolution. The more technology evolves, the more complicated some things can become.

Communication and access to a machine are key components of a swift resolution. It is always best to allot some time for a call to the Help Desk. For example, calling just prior to walking out the door with your laptop may mean that resolution has to wait. We understand of course, and we are happy to work around our clients’ schedules. Letting us know when your computer will be on but not in use—if you’re going to a meeting for example—can be helpful. Our goal is to minimize any impact on you.

3. Remember the Duck’s Feet

Your productivity is paramount. As your Support team, we understand this completely and work hard every day to help you be successful. In order to fix certain issues, there will be times when we temporarily need uninterrupted access to your machine. There may also be times when a tech is working remotely without keeping you on the phone.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget we are there, especially when there is little or no activity to see. These moments are uncommon, and when they arise, they do not mean we have forgotten about you or your machine. Seeing the cursor stay in one position can indicate that we are researching an item on our other screens or consulting another technician if a particularly troublesome issue comes up.

You can tell we are actively working on your machine by the gray bar at the top of your screen with the technician’s name. If you see this and you need to ask a question or let us know you have to leave, give a quick phone call. You’ll help keep us informed and allow the problem-solving process to continue.

4. Can You Hear Me Now?

Our final tip for this article can be applied to numerous situations, not just calling Support. It’s about using speaker phone, which can be a very handy tool. Many people use this feature at work and at home. And now it’s a requirement while driving. It’s worth remembering, however, that opening the microphone can create issues with call clarity.

Background sounds such as printers and faxes, inter-office conversations, and speaker feedback can contribute to audio challenges. Using speaker phone can be extremely useful for long calls or webinars, but it’s important to consider whether the conditions call for it.


At Infinity, we ask our clients to call about anything and everything. Sure we fix the unavoidable issues that arise, but we also like being able to come up with ways to make your workday better. We really get to know the clients on our team, and we look forward to catching up with you. So please keep in touch. We’re your IT team. We’re here for you.