Chuck and WFHS Computer Science class smiling

Computer Science Students Get One-on-One with Infinity, Inc. CEO

Thanks to an interested teacher at Windsor Forest High School, a class of AP Computer Science students enjoyed a nearly hour-long session with our CEO and local IT business owner, Chuck Brown.

Back to School

Nick Exley, the IB Career-related Programme Coordinator and Work Based Learning Coordinator at WFHS, met Chuck last year. He attended the Chamber Power Hour luncheon that Chuck presented on digital transformation and asked if Chuck would be willing to address his students. Despite being a Jenkins alumnus, Chuck agreed. Perhaps because his brother and our COO, David, graduated from WFHS. Or it could be that he’s a nice guy who wants to give back to this community that he loves so much.

During his time with the students, Chuck engaged the group with questions and personal anecdotes. He also used an interactive presentation that allowed the students to use their phones in class to vote and see real-time results on the screen. Discussion topics ranged from the variety of career options for Computer Science degrees to salary expectations, next steps to take, and what companies might look for in prospective employees.

Career Advice

“Read. Read all you can. Work hard in school. And develop your character. Be on time; be honest; be engaged. You can teach skills; you can’t teach character.”

Chuck not only illustrated this advice using examples of his own experiences and company hiring stories, but he followed it up by presenting each student with the Arbinger Institute’s bestselling book, Leadership and Self-Deception, Getting Out of the Box.

Chuck and all of us at Infinity, Inc. would like to thank Mr. Exley and his AP Computer Science class for their interest and participation. If these students are any indication, the next generation shows a lot of promise.