red mystery IT company car

Infinity, Inc. Unveils New Company Car

To provide convenience for Infinity, Inc. employees and increase visibility in the community we serve and love, Chuck and David have purchased an IT company car. Engineers will use the Kia Soul for on-site visits, and administrative staff may take it to business events. Infinity worked with long-time client and friend The Kennickell Group to design a custom wrap.

A Challenging Design

It can be a very difficult task to illustrate such abstract IT concepts as ‘network security’ and ‘business continuity.’ With designer Rick Flynn, the result is a dynamic 3D vehicle wrap that lets viewers think they’re seeing inside the car to a technological brain stem of cables and connections. The rear of the vehicle appears to reach out to the viewer, providing cutting edge technological tools.

Flynn describes the process as, “a challenge from the Kennickell Group to design a vehicle wrap for Infinity, Inc. You would think, no problem, just take visuals from their business services and create a wrap design. Well, Infinity, Inc. is an IT Networking Service Company providing Internet Security, Phones, Voice, Camera, and most importantly, fanatical Customer Service. It’s like the Cloud, nobody can see it or knows where it is, but it always works.

Since the engineers do so much preventive maintenance that on-site visits are rarely necessary, you may only see the car when Sales and Marketing staff drive to networking events. Whenever you do spot the Infinity vehicle, you can trust that the very best business technology support is being provided nearby.


Watch the live reveal here.


Rick Flynn specializes in powerful graphics effective at a moment’s glance and can be contacted at