graduates throwing caps in the air in celebration of scholarship

Infinity Scholarship Returns for Graduating High School Seniors

Introduced in 2019 as part of our twentieth anniversary celebration, the Infinity Anniversary Scholarship is back in 2020!

Purpose of the Scholarship

Our goal is multifaceted. For one thing, we want to give back. We have enjoyed success with the best clients and partners over the years, and we are constantly reminded that no one does it on their own. We all need help and support, and we thought, ‘what better way than to help someone just getting started?’

We also highly value education. We support, encourage, and at times even demand our employees pursue additional learning. And we recognize that there are many paths to understanding, so we’re not just talking about classes and certification tests. Those are valuable, absolutely. But so are the peer-to-peer training sessions our engineers provide for each other. So are sabbaticals and private research projects. So are home inventions and exploratory thinking exercises or tinkering with components to see what they can do.

And that’s why we’re not putting the typical stipulations on our scholarship prize. The money can be used to pay for college costs…or not. We leave it up to the winner and his or her parents.


The terms are essentially the same:

  • Application deadline is May 31st.
  • Bryan, Effingham, and Chatham County graduating high school seniors are eligible.*
  • The award is a two thousand dollar check.

*For complete details on the terms of eligibility and application rules, please visit the scholarship page.

Paying IT Forward

We were happy to receive multiple applications last year, and our celebrity judges had a tough decision to make. This year, we hope to make it even harder on them. So please share this scholarship with anyone you can think of. We’d love to see so many applicants that we need to consider awarding more prizes!