hands holding cell phone calendar for scheduling

New Feature for the New Year

The new year brings a sigh of relief for pretty much all of us, right? Even if nothing materially changes from December 31st to January 1st, the fresh calendar is still a sign of change, of progress, and of hope. And for our clients, this year also brings a new feature designed to remove a potential point of frustration.

Why is This Worth Talking About

One of our Core Values at Infinity is to continuously improve. We use this and 2 other core values to guide our decisions on both micro and macro levels. That means we are constantly looking for ways to operate more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and serve our clients and community more meaningfully. Read more about that here and how you can implement improvements for yourself.

There is a never-ending flood of shiny, new options when it comes to programs and software. As a business owner, you know you can waste a lot of time and money making changes that haven’t been fully vetted. So we are always testing possibilities on the backend. It’s an investment, but we find it to be worth it, even when we decide not to adopt what we’ve tested. Trying out new programs helps us not only test the integrity of our own processes, but the information we learn—both pros and cons— allows us to recommend or steer clients away from various tools.

Introducing Time Zest

Ever since email became most people’s preferred business communication method, scheduling meetings frequently turned into a game of ping-pong trying to find a time that works for everyone. This back-and-forth leads to inefficiency and frustration.

When our clients have an issue that needs to be addressed, we can often handle it on the backend. But there are certain instances (see examples below) when we need to coordinate a time to work together.

So to streamline the service scheduling process, we have purchased an automated scheduling system called Time Zest. Beginning Monday, January 4th, when we need to schedule time together, you can book the time that works best for you, based on our team’s real-time availability.

This all happens in conjunction with our existing ticketing system, so it’s a seamless addition for delivering the quickest and most responsive service possible.

How It Works

Clients will initiate a service ticket by calling (912) 629-2230 or emailing support@infinityinc.us as usual. Often, and whenever possible, we will handle issues remotely and behind the scenes.

If, however, we need to schedule time to work together:

  1. Our team will determine how much time we believe we need to resolve the service issue.
  2. We’ll send a scheduling link via email from support@infinityinc.us. The subject line will ask you to choose a time for your appointment type with the engineer who’s handling it. Inside the email, you’ll see your ticket number and a button to pick the time that best suits you. Times are based on our team’s real-time availability.
  3. Once scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a calendar invite. The calendar invite will include meeting instructions. And if you need to reschedule or cancel after booking, you can do so from the confirmation email.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Anyone who has used an online appointment scheduling tool like Calendly, for example, will find this process familiar. But it’s important to remember that this tool is not designed to take the place of human interaction. This is not the beginning of the robots taking over. It is simply a way to ease a frustration point for our clients and streamline those times we need to work together.

When This Tool Will Be Helpful

Not every service ticket will require scheduling time. Our goal is still to prevent issues from impacting our clients in the first place and resolving those that do as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. Instances that may require scheduling include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • At times when we’re working remotely (like now, for example), you may need to coordinate a pickup or dropoff of equipment.
  • If describing an issue in words isn’t enough and a screenshare to show what’s happening would save time.
  • If a mini training session is necessary.
  • If the solution to an issue can only be accomplished when you are logged in and the machine is active.

Again, these are just some of the examples when online scheduling may help save you time and aggravation. So when it does, simply choose the real-time availability that works best for you and we’ll shoot over a confirmation.

Let’s avoid the email ping-pong and get issues handled more efficiently!

On behalf of the entire team at Infinity, we look forward to delivering you world-class service all year long.