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Panel Recap: Navigating Data Privacy and Cyber Security during COVID-19

On Thursday, August 20, 2020, local insurance, legal, and technology experts hosted a virtual webinar on Navigating Data Privacy and Cyber Security during COVID-19.

The panelists addressed a variety of topics, including compliance issues, remote working environments, cyber liability coverage, data breach and response, and the importance of preparation and strategic planning to protect your business from exposure.

Watch the video below, and view some key takeaways underneath it.


Diana Morrison, Founder and President, Advertising Specialty Services


Chuck Brown, CEO of Infinity, Inc.
Nicole Pope, Associate with HunterMaclean
Ryan Sewell, Partner with Sterling Seacrest Partners

Watch the Recording


Key Takeaways

  • Rapid response of businesses moving to remote workforce in March or April may have caused some security standards to be overlooked. Now it’s time to re-evaluate what should or should not stay in place.
  • Have standards and communicate them to employees. These can include security, professional behavior, metrics, etc.
  • Work with your experts: lawyer, insurance agent, IT professional. Determine your exposure…and your vendors’ exposure. Plan your response.
  • Read the fine print. No one wants to. But everyone should.
  • Set a Privacy Policy. Know what data you collect, and find out the strictest laws that can apply to it.
  • Consider the compliance issues that may not be ‘tech-related.’
  • Make company culture intentional.
  • “Inspect what you expect.”


For more information on data breaches and your business rights and responsibilities, go here.