printer close-up for managed print services

SMBs Embrace Managed Print Services for Improved Efficiencies

Did you know that that for every $1 spent on printing (for toner, ink, and other supplies), organizations spend another $9 to manage the printing environment? (BizTech) This includes the time staff spends to place purchase orders online or drive to their supplier’s physical location to get materials. And that’s not the only eye-opening statistic about the cost of in-house document management.

Oddly enough, as the managed service that’s been around the longest, document management is also one of the least leveraged of all managed technology services. But it’s not the misconception around the complexity of document management that is driving interest in managed print services and document management. Instead, it’s the overall gains in document management efficiencies.

Managed Print Services Benefits

Benefits start with the process of converting existing paper to digital files, which in itself is a huge improvement over manually maintaining paper files and folders. The conversion process results in:

  • Reduced storage needs
  • Faster and more flexible retrieval and indexing
  • Improved document distribution and security
  • Stronger disaster recovery and digital archiving
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance

When you consider that organizations spend one to three percent of their annual revenues on printing (BizTech), it is easy to see why managed print services are increasing in popularity. According to InfoTrends, the average law office may see a 41 percent savings with a print management provider. Financial firms can expect to see savings in the 33 percent range, while healthcare providers may save 27 percent of printing management costs.

When print services converge with the rest of IT managed services, opportunities are created for SMBs and service firms alike. Consolidating print services with other IT managed services like disaster recovery, security, and networking simplifies business on both ends. Clients get the added benefit of consolidating their service needs with one provider for convenience, simplified management, and bundled savings.

Infinity is the local company with the experience and knowledge to manage all of your IT systems, including the gear in the copy room. Our print management solutions can help your business with ongoing monitoring of printing volumes and keeping devices stay stocked with toner or ink, routine maintenance on equipment, repair services, and more.

To get a full assessment of your printing profile and an estimate for managed print services, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.