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Three Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Whether you’re starting your own business or considering changes to your existing systems, cloud services are currently a very popular option. With the 3 benefits of cloud computing listed below, it’s easy to see why.

Cloud Benefit 1: Security

Having your servers in the cloud places most aspects of security on the company that hosts your server. You don’t have to worry about building physical security around your server. No one can simply walk in and steal your server or data.

In addition, most cloud companies have extremely secure environments in which they protect your data. Hosts can also provide backups and encryption for servers. If you have multiple servers in the cloud, you would be able to send data between servers without concern of data being intercepted. Cloud servers can take a lot of the headache out of planning and building a secure environment for your server.

Cloud Benefit 2: Scalability

With cloud servers, you can add or remove physical components with the click of a button. If you find yourself hiring five new users and your server cannot accommodate the increased utilization of resources, you can simply add another processor, more RAM, or more hard drive space right from your keyboard.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, let’s say you switch your customer service program to one that uses less resources than an old program. You can remove these ‘extra’ resources from your server and save money.

These changes scaling up or down for cloud servers do not require you to crack open a physical server and swap out components. That means you don’t have to worry about the cost of downtime and labor. Whether it’s adding or removing hardware, cloud servers can be customized with relative ease, saving you time and money.

Cloud Benefit 3: Affordability

With cloud computing, you pay a company for the service of using their hardware. Actually purchasing hardware can be EXPENSIVE. When you make the investment to purchase that twenty-thousand-dollar server, you do so knowing you’re eventually going to have to replace it. With cloud servers, you pay a monthly fee and the providers take care of the rest.

In addition to this, backing up data can be extremely expensive when implementing on your own. Some cloud providers offer packages with backups included—once again, saving you time and money! These are just a couple of the many ways that cloud servers can save your organization money.


Selecting the types of hardware and software that will best suit your business can be a big decision. These 3 cloud computing benefits are meant to provide a simple overview. If you would like to discuss your options more fully, please contact our team. We’re always happy to help.