high five to celebrate promotions

Infinity Celebrates Promotions and New Hires

Here at Infinity, we try not to talk about ourselves too much. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is that we’re far more interested in talking about your needs and solutions.

But from time to time (like now) we want to share our immense pride in our team’s achievements and introduce you to some new members you may not know.

So without further ado, please celebrate the following with us.

Company Promotions

Senior Project Engineer

Daniel Rabich photo

Daniel Rabich, who has been with us for more than 10 years, moves up to Senior Project Engineer.

He has been a Tier 3 Systems Engineer (handling advanced issues) and Project Engineer for a while now. As Senior Project Engineer, he will continue to oversee high-level projects and tier 3 escalations, but this shift frees up some of his time to focus on scoping technical solutions, developing new solutions, performing root-cause analysis, and delivering technical training and development for the rest of the team.


Project Engineer

Alex Morrison, Infinity Inc System Engineer

Alex Morrison shifts to Project Engineer.

Alex has 20 years of IT experience, 6 of which are with Infinity. His attention to detail and wealth of client knowledge make him perfect to work with Daniel on projects. He will take on a majority of our mid- to high-level projects and will supplement Daniel’s efforts with root cause analysis and new solution development. Together, they will make an impact driving solutions to help our clients run their businesses more efficiently.


Systems Engineer

Alex Martinez, Infinity, Inc. TAC Analyst

Alex Martinez is promoted to Systems Engineer.

Alex has moved up from Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Analyst to a Systems Engineer based on his growth of knowledge and ability to resolve bigger problems. He has been with Infinity for more than 5 years now, and this has been his career path—to shift from first level support to higher level, more complex issues and face-to-face onsite work. He made it happen with his technical ability, continuous learning, client relationships, and attention to detail, and we couldn’t be happier to be part of his career progress.


Technical Account Manager (TAM)

John on Infinity team

John Spielberger becomes a full-time Technical Account Manager (TAM).

John has been with Infinity for more than 5 years and recently began taking on the role of TAM with a limited number of clients. Thanks in part to his ability to take a holistic view of a company, their business goals, and their technology, and connect them in a way to fully utilize technology to improve their business and processes, he will be performing this role full-time. And he’s definitely got the experience to back it up. Prior to joining our team, John has been in the IT support field for 14 years, 5 of which he spent as direct IT consultant for several businesses.


Service Delivery Admin

Ben Brown of Infinity, Inc.

Ben Brown remains our Service Delivery Administrator while adding Account Management responsibilities as well.

With a little over a year under his belt at Infinity, Ben has shown an ability to manage everything we’ve thrown at him and is interested in more client-facing service. When asked about the transition, he said, “I am excited to have more client interaction and to hopefully have a greater impact on the bottom line and reduce noise through those relationships.”

New Hires at Infinity

In addition to the excellence above, we’d like to introduce you to the new faces we hope to celebrate year after year. All three of them came on as Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Admin, which means they are your first line of support, dedicated to resolving issues as quickly as possible so our clients can focus on achieving their goals.

TAC Admin

Chis joins Infinity team

Chris Schumacher joined us in January. He comes to us by way of Texas, Kentucky, and West Virginia, and is already receiving compliments from the clients he has worked with. He loves that there is always something new to learn with technology, and his goals include writing scripts and using Powershell.



TAC Admin

James joins Infinity team

James Bias began at Infinity in March. He has a B.S in Computer Science and gained experience while still in college installing software for scanners and document management. He was a semi-professional track-and-field athlete, but now you can find him running laps around computer issues for our clients. He has already received 12 customer reviews and has a perfect 10 score.


TAC Admin

Tia joins Infinity team

Tia Wheeler started in March as well. She comes to us with previous MSP experience…plus a background in Fine Arts. She’s an active chess player and video gamer, and she recently started exploring rock climbing. She describes her role as working “in the tech world–whether that’s a down network or a printer setup, I’m your girl,” and she particularly enjoys resolving Microsoft issues.


~ ~ ~

As Operations Manager Jeff Rolen likes to point out, “MSP years are like dog years: I believe 1 year at an MSP is 3-4 years at a traditional IT job for one company.” The variety of issues, software, and types of solutions can be exponentially larger at an MSP than while working for one particular company, and we are immensely proud of the expertise and excellence our team delivers to our clients each and every day. From our newest professional to our most experienced, we could not be more appreciative of the dedication and care these individuals bring to work every day. Each one of them embodies all 3 of our Core Values, especially the drive to Continuously improve.

Next time you speak with one of them, feel free to say hello or congrats. They deserve it.