Chuck Brown on WSAV Coastal Experts

Infinity, Inc. to be Recognized as Coastal Expert

This April, Infinity, Inc. joins specialists in various healthcare fields, real estate, and other professional services as a Coastal Expert on WSAV. Watch the segments below.

What is a Coastal Expert?

Airing on WSAV’s The Bridge, Coastal Experts answer questions related to their specific businesses. They provide information and advice gained through years of experience. As a trusted leader in the Savannah/Low Country area for nearly 20 years, Infinity joins the Coastal Experts to speak about business information technology (IT) topics.

Our tagline is “We make technology make sense.” That motto comes to life with this exciting new collaboration, and the entire team looks forward to bringing greater understanding of complex concepts to the community. Some topics you can expect to see covered include cyber security, business phone systems, networking, and cloud computing.

When Can I see Infinity on Coastal Experts?

The Bridge broadcasts weekdays at 11:30 am on WSAV. That’s a tough time for most people to watch TV, so you can find all of the videos here and watch anytime. Catch up on our CEO’s expert business technology advice below.

Coastal Experts – Cyber Security, part 1

Chuck explains cyber security: who’s at risk (spoiler – everyone), layered security, what to do if you’ve been hacked, cloud security, and what to look for in an IT company.

Running Time: 5:59 minutes



Coastal Experts – Cyber Security, part 2

Chuck and Natalie discuss antiviruses, user education, phishing and ransomware, and backups.

Running Time: 6:32 minutes



Coastal Experts – The Cloud

Chuck and Natalie discuss “the cloud”: what it is, the benefits of cloud computing, the drawbacks, how to know if the cloud is right for you, is it easy/expensive, is it safe, how to pick a provider, and what sets Infinity, Inc. apart.

Running Time: 5:33 minutes


Coastal Experts – Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Chuck and Natalie discuss disaster recovery and business continuity: what the difference between them is, why they’re both important, what kinds of disasters your plan should address, how to go about planning/what to consider (communication factors, cloud options, critical workforce, etc.), what to discuss with your IT services provider, and where to find resources to get started.

Running Time: 5:22 minutes


Coastal Experts – Document Management

Chuck and Natalie discuss document management – what it is; the benefits in workflows, collaboration, storage, and costs; how to choose a system that’s best for your business; and what Infinity, Inc. can do to make it easier. Find more information about document management here.

Running Time: 5:58 minutes


Coastal Experts – Unified Communications

Chuck and Natalie discuss unified communications – what is it, the benefits (cost, efficiency), the difference between UC and regular phone systems, a simple definition of VoIP, the differences between hosted and premise phone systems, ways to customize, and how to choose the best phone system for your business. Find more information about unified communications here.

Running Time: 5:00 minutes


Coastal Experts – Phishing

Chuck and Natalie discuss phishing – why it’s still such a threat, what makes it so effective, how it’s different from spam, how to recognize it, and ways to train yourself and your employees to recognize and avoid it. Learn more about counteracting this popular method for installing malware and ransomware in our 3-part blog series, and call us to talk about simulations and real-time training for your employees: (912) 629-2426.

Running Time: 5:54 minutes


Coastal Experts – How to Get the Most out of Your MSP

Chuck and Natalie discuss MSPs – what does it stand for and how you can get the most of out of yours. Learn more about the partnership and growth benefits you should expect from your MSP here.

Running Time: 4:31 minutes


Coastal Experts – Data Protection and GDPR

Chuck and Natalie discuss the GDPR in Europe, the CCPA in California, and why they both matter to businesses in Savannah and the Low Country. All businesses have data, and any business with clients needs to deal with privacy issues. Watch for tips and a clearer understanding of what’s to come.

Running Time: 5:22 minutes


Coastal Experts – Internet of Things (IoT)

With smart devices such as watches and virtual assistants, most of us are already plugged into and using the Internet of Things. Chuck and Natalie discuss how it works, how it’s affecting our personal lives, and how the Internet of Things can be leveraged to improve your business (increasing efficiency through automated workflows, collecting and analyzing data, and more). Watch for ideas on how to implement the Internet of Things to your benefit, and then read about how 5G connectivity will change things even faster.

Running Time: 4:31 minutes



Coastal Experts – Employee Engagement

In this segment, Chuck and Natalie discuss the importance of employee engagement in building a successful business: the tools to set up a positive workplace culture and the ways those same tools can be used for customer listening, feedback, and response. Watch for inspiration to bring to your own business, and contact us with any questions or for advice.

Running Time: 6:47 minutes