handshake through computer welcoming new team members

Meet the Newest Member of the Infinity Family

Earlier this year, we hired a new Service Delivery Admin. This was necessary, of course, after our initial one earned her promotion to vCIO. And what’s unique in this case, is that we still haven’t seen him face-to-face. At least, not without a monitor screen.

Since our staff has been working remotely, we hired remotely to fill this need. We’re still a pretty close-knit company though, so we’re excited for him and his family to move ‘back home’ in June.

Ben Brown, Service Delivery Admin for InfinityPlease meet Ben Brown.

As Service Delivery Admin, Ben is essentially freeing up time wherever possible for our Service Manager. He handles reports, creating and updating SOPs, Quality Control checks, and hopes to help with process improvement as he gets more familiar with the company and his responsibilities.

He comes to us with a Bachelor’s Degree from Boyce College and management experience. He enjoyed his last role but says he is especially “excited about moving from corporate to the SMB economy” and loves the services Infinity provides.

And while he would be the last one to bring up any family relationships to avoid any semblance of nepotism, he answered that he is “proud of what [David] has made, what he’s built of this company.” David Brown is Ben’s father.

For the rest of us at Infinity, one of the most attractive aspects of this company is that it is a family business. It is run by two brothers who encourage all employees to put their family first. Because where is anyone without a happy, healthy family? So we look forward to welcoming Ben, his wife Katelyn, and their newborn back home to Savannah in the coming weeks.

Infinity is more than just a business with employees; it is a family. It is also a legacy, not just for the Browns, but for all members of the team that have worked so hard and continue to contribute to its success.

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