fall flowers with the word "Thankful"

Thankful for Each Other

Fall may be our favorite time of year at Infinity. We not only get extra opportunities to express our thankfulness to our clients, but we celebrate our Infinity family, too. 

As you may remember from this time last year, we consider our coworkers family at Infinity. From Chuck and David who are literal brothers, to employees who haven’t even hit a year yet, the staff here don’t just come to work and go home. They become part of a shared culture, a joint mission, a team. And part of what makes our team special is that we not only work together, we play together, too.

We recently held two employee events that gave us even more to be thankful for: our 5th Annual Company Shoot and an Un-Thanksgiving Potluck lunch.

Right on Target

After work one evening, everyone set their sights on competition and camaraderie. Our shooting event was hosted by the amazing team at JDX (formerly Patrick’s) and it was, if you’ll pardon the pun, a real blast!

Beginning with some tasty barbecue, the night gave employees new and old the chance to talk off-site and off-the-clock. The event brought together firearm pros and nervous newbies, and you could feel the excitement from all of them. So after some important safety reminders, target shooting warm-ups began on the range.

The main event featured a series of custom competitions in skill and speed. From a timed station involving paper and metal targets, to an increasing distance station, each employee gave it their best shot (literally). Scores were tallied and friendly taunts thrown. Then the evening capped off with a single elimination, head-to-head contest that left everyone cheering.

Winners this year were Daniel, Jamie, Alisa, Ryan, and Cat, with Ryan also taking home the head-to-head challenge bragging rights.

You’d be quite right in thinking we all won though.

Delicious Dish

Less than a week after the company shoot, we came together again for a potluck lunch.

This annual tradition has just one rule: you can’t bring anything you’ll be eating at Thanksgiving. It’s a fun way to show a little extra effort for each other and possibly showcase another hidden skill. So if you’re thinking our engineers only know how to code and protect your network, you are in for a surprise.

This year we enjoyed Boston Butt, meatballs, mac-n-cheese, Udon noodle salad, and more! Everyone made sure to save room for dessert which included basbousa, lemon pie, and cheesecake with a mixed fruit topping – all homemade. It was casual dining at its finest: great food and fellowship.

So as we get ready to celebrate another Thanksgiving with our families at home, we are incredibly grateful to have shared another year of hard work, food, and fun with our Infinity family. We’d like to wish our dear clients and friends the happiest of Thanksgivings, and continued health and wellness to all. Our cup overflows with blessings thanks to all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


Take a peek at some of the fun we had in our photos below, and visit our Facebook page for more.